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I'm David Paoli.  

I have always been a story teller, even from a young age, but I always had difficulty writing it down. I suppose I get easily distracted, and there is so much to do out there, so much to accomplish.

I grew up living, going to school, and working, in towns and cities, big & small, up and down the west coast. From San Jose to Seattle, Lakeport California, to Bandon Oregon. I feel at home just about anywhere in those three states

A few years ago my wife and I moved to Klamath Falls Oregon, and we made that our new home. Although it has some rough edges, it also has some smoother ones as well. We are growing to like the outdoor recreation aspects of the area, and the lack of big city problems like gridlock and noise. As a writer, it offers me more quiet down time, which is necessary for me to put thoughts & ideas down on the page.

My first Published work "The Incident" is a fictitious work, incorporating aspects of people and places I have known. Most of the characters are based on people from Mendocino County, some are dead, most are still alive. Others are based on people from the Bay Area or Portland Oregon. 

My books and writings are authored as D.A Paoli  
because my father is also a writer, and has the same name, so I get second pic in the world of publishing.

I'm looking forward to completing my next book, tentatively titled "The Network."

© D.A. Paoli 2016